Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tot Ziens Amsterdam!

A little stroll around town before we flew out to Portland.

Can't wait until I'm reunited with my collection of Delft houses!

We'll miss a lot of things about this city. Living in Europe and traveling to as many places as we could was a life changing experience we will treasure.
We are SO excited about our return to Portland and the beginning of this new chapter for our little family. Looking forward to many more adventures on this side of the planet!
Until next time, Amsterdam!
Tot ziens!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Goodbye House

Goodbye Dutch house above the salon.

Goodbye Dutch stairs. Set 1.
Set 2 and Set 3.

Goodbye cute little neighborhood view.

A final marshmallow(or two) from the receptionist below our place.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Moving Day

The movers were fast. They boxed and loaded everything out in one day. Most things we sent by ocean and will be stored in Portland until our house remodel is done later this year. Goodbye for now, things!
 Av, sitting on the nursery glider all boxed up.

The moving elevator loaded up. No one wants to carry boxes down steep Dutch stairs.

 Two bucket bikes on their way to Portland.
 Kind of funny to see that my big bike takes four grown men to lift into the truck. 
It's funny how attached you become to your bike when it's your mode of transportation around the city. I think this attachment is intensified when living in such a bike filled city. It's part of the culture and having a bike makes you connected and gives you a local feeling. If your bike gets stolen it can feel like you've been attacked. I've been told it can be very emotional. I was lucky. My bikes stayed safe.
Sometimes it's a love hate relationship....Like in the cold rain when I look around at me and everyone biking and I think...." What are we doing!? This is ridiculous!"
Sometimes it's just all LOVE though.
As the movers lifted her up I wanted to shout, "Be careful with her!" 
She's important to me.

A lot of luggage leftover for the flight. Yea for a business class luggage allowance.

 It was weird to see the place empty of our things. We turned up the music and had a dance party to liven things up.

I snapped a picture of our growth ruler before it was packed up. We also marked Av's two year mark a week before the date. It is crazy to think we moved here when Reece was just past two years old and now he is almost 4.5 and has already passed his 4 year growth mark. The chubby cheeked toddler has grown into a young boy while we were away.

School's Out For Now

Reece's last day of school in Amsterdam also coincided with the final day we would be able to ride the bucket bike around town. The following day the movers would come and pack it up to ship to Portland.
On the way home from school drop off, Avenley and I pulled over to have a look at the canal we crossed every day to school and back. It was so cold out that the top layer of water was starting to freeze over. You could see duck foot prints frozen in to the top where they had walked across it.

 I've always liked these big brick houses along the canal.

When Reece came home that day he was pretty sad about it being the final day in his beloved classroom. He collapsed on the couch in despair and ended up crashing at 4:00. Poor thing...he never naps. This was also a sign of the fever that was about to hit us.

 The movers had their parking sign up outside our place. They would be there early the next morning.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Perfect Things

The kids and I made a last trip to the Rijksmuseum. It was cold out (25 F) and exactly three snowflakes fell on us. Even though my fingers were numb, it was worth the short bike ride to have a see ya later look at all the ship models that Reece has loved since we moved here. Avenley loves them now too.
On the way out we stopped by the gift shop and spotted these Rijksmuseum themed Playmobil toys of famous Dutch paintings that are on display.
Rembrandt's The Night Watch

Vermeer's The Milkmaid

Perfect for our growing Playmobil collection and an absolutely perfect reminder of our time here with young kids.

 I'm going to miss this place...summer, winter, it was always there looming up from the flatness of Amsterdam and making its presence known. We can see it from our street and from our rooftop terrace. It will always be there for us I guess. We'll just have to board a plane to get there now.
...and this tree. I will miss this big tree.